Cosmetics containing plastic glitter banned from de Bijenkorf

16 June 2020 – Under the slogan ‘Sparkle with good glitter’, de Bijenkorf is taking the next step towards a green future. As from 1 January 2021, no cosmetics containing plastic glitter will be sold. De Bijenkorf’s aim is to raise awareness among customers, suppliers and fellow retailers.

Many cosmetics contain glitter that consists of microplastics. These contain the plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET or PLA). Microplastics are often so small that they are not visible to the naked eye. After washing, these small particles end up in the oceans via the drain, where they cannot be broken down and end up in our food chain via fish and sea creatures. Although these plastics are listed on the packaging as ingredients, they only appear under their chemical name, for example tetrafluoroethylene or methyl methacrylate, and are therefore unrecognisable to most people.

Research commissioned by the Dutch environmental organisation Plastic Soup Foundation among 3,500 respondents shows that 53% are aware that many of their personal care products and cosmetics contain microplastics. A total ban on plastic in personal care products is already being worked on at European level. In anticipation of an official ban, de Bijenkorf announced that as of 1 January they will only sell cosmetics with water-based glitter.

Justin Pariag, Sustainable Business Manager: “We are aware that the use of microplastics in the cosmetics industry is a much bigger problem than glitter alone, but with this first step, we want to raise awareness of the extent of the problem. By removing all microplastic glitter products from our cosmetics range, we hope to inspire our customers, suppliers and fellow retailers to act responsibly, look for alternatives and make positive changes.”

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