Design the shop of the future

Design competition for creative thinkers up to 15 years of age

What will a shop look like in the future? What will be on offer? Is there more to do besides buying things? Will there still be sales staff of flesh and blood or only robots and computers?

Let your imagination run wild and imagine a shop that is kind to people, animals and the environment and where everyone is welcome. Draw, build, tell, write and shape your idea in any form you want
and as big or small as you like.

How to participate
Do you often think about how we can treat the world better and are you not older than 15? Then we’d love to know what you, as our future customer, think a shop like de Bijenkorf should look like in, let’s say 20 years’ time.

You may participate on your own, but also with friends, your whole class or your sports team.

Send your design or a photo of it no later than 31 December 2021  to You can also submit your design to the customer service department of one of our shops. Don’t forget to include your name, address, age and an explanation of your design. If you are entering with more than one person, please include everyone’s name.

What you can win
There is an expert jury of four people who know a lot about shops, design and sustainability.

This jury will choose seven finalists, one for each of the seven de Bijenkorf shops. The finalists’ designs will be displayed in de Bijenkorf shop windows in January 2022. The final winner will be chosen from these.

If you win, your idea will be implemented in real life. You will also become children’s director at de Bijenkorf for one year and for example attend a meeting with the management, give an interview about your design for the shop of the future and pay a working visit to the bakery where all de Bijenkorf cakes are made.

The jury

Thiëmo Heilbron
After studying Biology, Thiëmo founded the Fawaka Entrepreneurial School, where children learn how to become sustainable entrepreneurs. Choco Entrepreneurs for example, in which they set up their own fair trade chocolate brand, from growing the cocoa to designing a wrapper and looking for investors. Thiëmo has many more great ideas to change the world and to introduce children to sustainability in a positive way.

Justin Pariag
Justin has made sure that plastic disposable bottles are no longer sold at de Bijenkorf department store. And that almost all de Bijenkorf stores have beehives on their roofs. And that de Bijenkorf emits less CO2 every year, thus reducing its impact on the environment. He is in fact head of sustainability at de Bijenkorf (and therefore often cycles to the office).

Rupert Parker Brady
Rupert’s best ideas usually come from his wife and two children, now aged 12 and 16. He likes music, cycling, reading, travelling and nature, but he knows most about shops. His English family used to have several clothes shops and he now advises shopkeepers, writes books and newspaper and magazine articles about shops, and often talks about them on radio, podcast, social and TV.

Inge Schmitt
Inge is head of creative strategy at de Bijenkorf. By travelling a lot, seeing, reading, listening and talking to people, she researches what is happening in the world around us. In this way, she tries to predict what people will like or find important and would like to have in a few months’ time. Inge lives in Amsterdam and has a lovely dog called Bess with whom she often goes for a walk.

Do you or anyone else have any questions about the design competition? Read the frequently asked questions, the terms and conditions of the competition or send an e-mail to:

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