The bees episode

The bees episode

Unfortunately, the bee is in a bad way, partly due to climate change, pesticides and advancing urbanisation. In the Netherlands, more than half of the 350 bee species are on the Red List of Threatened Species. Our ambition is to have them off this list by 2025. 

Since 2014, de Bijenkorf has been actively committed to the preservation of the bee. Because we are called de Bijenkorf (meaning: the beehive), but especially because bees are very important for a healthy living environment. By spreading pollen, honey bees, wild bees and bumblebees ensure that we can enjoy vegetables and fruit, but also for example mustard and sunflower oil. In fact, bees provide 1/3 of every bite we eat. So without bees, our plates would look very different.

What we do
Together with The Pollinators platform, we are committed to the bee and other pollinators. We do this by raising awareness among as many people as possible through actions, donations and education. For example, we make free teaching packs available to primary schools. Almost every year on National Sowing Day, we hand out bags of organic flower seeds to provide more food for the bee.

We have adopted a bee population in Artis and placed a bee hotel at our distribution centre in Tilburg. There are also beehives on the roofs of all our shops. And within our product range, we give preference to products made from materials that have been treated with less or no pesticides, such as organic cotton.

Help save the bee
Here are some easy things you can do to help bees.




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