1/Off Paris


Renée van Wijngaarden and Xuan-Thu Nyugen of 1/Off Paris make leftover clothes valuable again.

Despite a different background in fashion, Renée van Wijngaarden and Xuan-Thu Nguyen had the same dream. Their love for high-end vintage brought them together and in 2019 they founded the fashion label 1/Off Paris to give old designer pieces a new life in their atelier.

Xuan-Thu: “As a couture designer, I was shocked by the amount of beautiful pieces that are left over and destroyed. I thought, I must do something with that. Then I met Renée. Like me, she has a love of vintage design. Together we founded 1/Off Paris, where we reinvent special design pieces.”

Renée: “We give pieces a twist by highlighting the most special details. A Burberry trench coat, for example, we turn it inside out. It is upcycling, a popular term in fashion at the moment, where materials are reused and thus made valuable again. We do that with respect for the garment, not cutting it up completely and leaving the authentic details intact.”

Xuan-Thu: “Like couture, there has to be a lot of love in a piece. We approach a vintage piece in the same way. We discover what is special about it and then come up with a new, modern design.”

Renée: “We hope that 1/Off also makes people think about consuming fashion and the current fashion industry. That we show that you should invest in a beautiful piece and cherish it, not just throw it away. That when you get tired of it, you think about what you could do with it, how you could give it a new life. This also makes your wardrobe more valuable.”

Xuan-Thu: “It’s a mindset. Much more is possible than you think. We don’t just want to make beautiful things, we also hope to inspire people. I think it’s great to see that people who normally wouldn’t wear vintage are discovering through 1/Off that it can be very tasteful. In doing so, we appeal to a completely new target group, so we reach even more people with this important message.”

Renée: “Many young people are attracted to our brand. They look at this world differently, want to do things differently. We are proud to be part of that. New ways of dealing with fashion, inspiring each other, motivating. That is the future.”




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