Sustainable fashion at de Bijenkorf


Nina Dzjaboea is womens wear purchasing manager at de Bijenkorf. Together with her team, she decides which items will hit the shelves.  

What is sustainable fashion according to de Bijenkorf?
At de Bijenkorf, sustainability requirements are determined per material. On that basis we formulate objectives. Take cotton, for example. By 2022 all cotton at Bijenkorf must be organic and by 2025 we only want to sell more sustainable brands.

How are brands in the current range responding to this? 
A number of our brands have already gone a long way with sustainability, but there are also brands that are still in the middle of the process. We offer support in achieving sustainability goals where possible, so that we can continue to work together. We already have a lot of information and knowledge that we can use to help our brands. For both new and existing collaborations it is important that a brand has developed a sustainability strategy that matches ours. And, of course, that it shows initiative to actually initiate positive change.

What are your favourite sustainable brands?
Stella McCartney is one of the pioneers in the field of sustainable fashion. Her products are also stylish and of high quality. I also think it’s great how a jeans brand like Tommy Hilfiger innovates with solutions such as waterless denim. They give an extra dimension to styles that are already timeless and of high quality by definition. Luckily the number of new initiatives, brands and materials is growing fast.

Do you have any tips for creating a sustainable wardrobe?
The outside of a garment often determines your choice. You hold it up in the shop and if you like it, you buy it. A bit more attention should go to the labels on the inside though. At de  Bijenkorf, you can now find a green bee on the labels of our more sustainable garments. This makes it easy to see which garments have been made with respect for people, animals and the environment. Read the labels inside the garment and look at the material, certifcation and the origin of a piece before making a choice.





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