The story of Xupes

The story of Xupes

"Ten years ago, we started selling second-hand luxury items. We focus on high end brands that last a lifetime and stay in the family for generations."

Luxury second-hand boutique Xupes sells special items from Rolex, Chanel, Hermès and Cartier and other brands and offers service and quality of the highest level.

“We are trying to change the image of second-hand goods in such a way that it will soon be just as natural to buy a used Rolex watch or Chanel bag as a new one. Several factors play a role in this. Trust and quality are of course very important. With our service we try to match the level of the fashion houses – with this we hope to appeal to people who are normally not interested in second-hand products. They want the guarantee that when they spend a lot of money on something special, they get value for money in every way. That’s why Xupes offers premium service.”

“Buying a special product should be a unique experience. That’s why we carefully select the location, surroundings, furnishings and staff for our boutiques.”

“The idea that a luxury product must necessarily be new is outdated. We live in a time when we should cherish products that have already been made. At Xupes, we try to preserve the value of second-hand products. They are all things that you want to keep with you throughout your life. We don’t compete with fashion houses, we complement them. When someone buys a second-hand Hermès, they don’t have to make a new one. That saves energy and raw materials. The brands themselves also benefit from maintaining a certain scarcity.”

“In recent years we have noticed a clear shift in thinking, which we hope to contribute to. That we don’t always have to do something new. We see that as a very positive development.”




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