“Sustainability is the only way to the future”


The road towards sustainable fashion requires action from both the industry and the consumer. This is also the vision of Fashion for Good; the Dutch platform for sustainable innovation within the fashion industry which also has a Museum on the Rokin in Amsterdam. They connect brands, retailers, innovators, financiers and individuals in their shared ambition to make the fashion industry more sustainable by sharing knowledge, ideas, and by taking action together. “Collaboration is a term that underlies our vision”, says Rosanne van Miltenburg of Fashion for Good.

“On the consumer side we make this visible through our museum, and on the industry side we connect the promising innovations that exist in the fashion world to big brands and manufacturers. These two elements are equally important to initiate a sustainability transition. We like to encourage the positive in an activating way. We want to show what both the consumer and the industry can do.”

The platform does this on the one hand through the interactive Fashion for Good museum where consumers can experience at first hand what sustainable fashion can entail, and how you can take action yourself to help change fashion. On the other hand, we do this through the innovation platform where the industry works together to scale up and deploy sustainable innovative solutions. Rosanne: “Focusing on the industry we look what new innovations and technologies exist, ranging from new materials to innovative business models that focus on rental or new production forms. Through a specially developed program we guide a group of innovative companies and startups that we connect with established fashion houses so that several brands can simultaneously apply this knowledge and invest in these technologies. For example, we worked with a company that recycled silk for the medical industry, who now are able to make contacts in the fashion world through our program.”

In addition to the innovation platform, the museum is the place where consumers experience the different aspects of the sustainability issue within fashion. Rosanne: “For each exhibition we choose a different theme; from water use to recycling and our current exhibition GROW on natural materials. This year we also have a talent program called GROW Talent where designers and creatives translate this theme into new work. We want to encourage young talents and at the same time inform them about the latest developments.” The biggest goal of Fashion for Good? “I hope that eventually we won’t be necessary anymore. That the fashion industry is circular, that the way we make fashion is made through the take-make-remake concept and that people and planet benefit from this. That’s going to happen someday, and we’re working on that every day. Sustainability is becoming the new standard, it’s the only way to the future.”

“Sustainability is the only way to the future”



Lara Oliveri



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