“The table is a connecting place”


Carla Peters, The Table

We share the most beautiful moments together at a table. With the desire to bring people together, Carla Peters and her partner Stephan Zeijlemaker started the sustainable tableware brand The Table; everything that is needed for a beautifully table set for those special moments, all made as sustainable as possible. Carla: “We think it’s a beautiful thing to have people at the table together; it’s a connecting place. Our goal is to create everything for this, from our handmade dinnerware and glassware to table linens.”

That The Table would become a sustainable brand was something completely natural for Carla. “The Table started from an ambition to be completely sustainable, focused on both the social and the green aspect. For example, we use a lot of recycled materials, we work with artisans all over the world according to the standards of the World Fair Trade Organization, we are plastic-free and we offset our CO2 emissions.” The fact that The Table makes timeless basics also contributes to the sustainability of the brand, says Carla. “We want to inspire people to mix our products with things they already have at home, so that it completely fits one’s personal style and is therefore used with more pleasure.”

Rental is a new service, which the brand is introducing in partnership with de Bijenkorf. “We don’t want you to throw everything away and then buy everything new from us. That’s totally unsustainable and also unnecessary. It’s better to invest in beautiful things that last a long time, but sometimes you just want something different. Then you can rent tableware from us consisting of three atmospheres for a special occasion at the table; from the classic White & Chic to the special Shapes & Shades or the tougher Night & Grey theme. Afterwards you return everything and we clean it.”

For Carla, creating an experience is the main driving goal of the brand. “Everything you need at a dinner party we provide, including table setting and bouquet tips as well as a playlist. We want to make it easy for people and give them a true experience, allowing them to focus completely on the family and friends. Ultimately, we don’t think about plates, but what elements contribute to that lovely evening.”



Lara Oliveri



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