“Vintage shopping is like treasure hunting”


Jutka Volkerts, Jutka & Riska

There is nothing quite like finding that one unique item that no one else has. Vintage is more popular than ever, and yet for Jutka Volkerts it has always been something natural. Over sixteen years ago – when sustainability was not yet a pressing issue in the fashion world – she set up her label and store Jutka & Riska, together with her sister. By now it has become the destination for unique and special designs with a mix between vintage and their own brand. Jutka: “I still get the same sensation when I go looking for that one unique piece as I used to have before Everyone who comes with me on the hunt for new items has enough after already ten minutes, because I pick out all the beautiful things. It’s like looking for gold on the street, resulting in something very special.”

Although Jutka & Riska is a success story with two stores in Amsterdam, one in Rotterdam and one in Antwerp, the launch of the store was not that evident. Jutka: “During a burn-out I discovered that I really liked creativity and creating things, even though I had no background in it. I sold customized bags during Queen’s Day and people turned out to be super enthusiastic. One thing led to another and before I knew it, I was selling my creations in a boutique after which I eventually got my own store in Amsterdam.”

There Jutka started selling vintage, although at the time it was not a sought-after market like it is now. “It was difficult to give vintage a stylish image – many people avoided the racks as soon as they heard ‘second-hand’. Then we started customizing items to make it more in line with the style of the time, and eventually we started designing garments ourselves. Twice a year, Belgian designers hold a sale in Antwerp of their old fabrics that they sell for a small price – that’s how we started our own collection.”

Now Jutka & Riska is collaborating with de Bijenkorf, resulting in unique vintage shop-in-shops in all seven stores. “Because of my extensive experience, I’m used to buying vintage for different audiences, and that’s exactly what I did with de Bijenkorf. We turned it into real mini Jutka & Riska stores with the most extraordinary designs that I selected myself. Like our store, it’s a mix of unique accessories, jewelry and clothing, so you can walk out the door with a complete vintage look that is an extension of your personal style.”



Lara Oliveri



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