“We make timeless designs that everyone can feel good in”


It was during a conversation between Anita Palacios and a friend that the idea for Maium was born four years ago. “The question arose why there wasn’t a sustainable raincoat brand that was functional and fashionable at the same time, and I couldn’t answer that.”

“I knew that if I was going to start a brand it absolutely had to be sustainable. But at the same time, I didn’t want it to be just another raincoat brand.” Therefore, from the beginning Anita focused on the intersection of functionality, style and sustainability. Anita: “Often raincoats are either focused on design and style, but you get soaked after three meters of cycling, or they are strong in functionality but it’s not a jacket you actually like to wear. Instead, I wanted to make a desirable product that simultaneously performs well and would have the least possible negative impact on the environment.”

As sustainable as possible
The base of Maium jackets is 100% recycled plastic, but that’s not the only sustainable element of the brand, Anita explains. “We try to do everything as sustainable as possible. With our coats we encourage people to cycle a little more often and leave the car at home, but in addition we have introduced a reusable shipping bag that eliminates the need for cardboard boxes, we plant a tree for every coat we sell, and we have switched to boat deliveries instead of air travel.” As a company, Anita states it’s important to take on this sustainability transition at your own pace. “I think there’s a lot of value in reviewing and adapting things step by step, and communicating that to your customers. It’s okay to say ‘we are not ready yet do this at this point’. You have to take steps where ever you can.”

Jackets for everyone
In addition to whether a garment is made from sustainable materials, the longevity of a product is also of great value. This is one of the reasons why Maium only makes unisex designs, Anita states, “We make jackets for everyone. I don’t see the point of making a men’s or women’s raincoat. We make timeless designs that last for a long time and that everyone can feel good in. When people wear one of our coats and say ‘I didn’t know a raincoat could look so good on me’ my mission is accomplished.”



Lara Oliveri



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