Contribute to society

Contribute to society

We invest in our employees and give something back to nature and society.

Our employees are our most important capital. That is why we invest continuously in their physical and mental health and their professional and personal development. We also give our time and attention to people outside our organization. Through volunteer work and donations to charities, we contribute to a better society for people and animals.

Diversity and inclusion

Our mission is to be the most inspiring, creative and sustainable department store, where everyone is special.

Diversity and inclusion are thus explicitly anchored in who we are as a company. We support everyone’s right to be respected and heard, regardless of ethnic background, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

We have done a lot of research and talked to different people inside and outside our organisation, resulting in a formal policy on diversity and inclusion. And with the aim of being an organisation where everyone feels special, has equal opportunities and feels heard, respected and valued.

Volunteer work

We feel socially connected to the communities we are part of and therefore morally obligated to give something back to society through volunteering. We focus on the lonely elderly, children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, the bee and the environment. In 2021, we want to realize 3,000 hours of voluntary work; the target for 2025 is 10,000 hours. The major part of these hours are being achieved in cooperation with our partners NL Cares, The Pollinators and Staatsbosbeheer.


We invest in the sustainable employability of our employees by offering them an inspiring, fun and safe working environment every day. Every year, our employees receive a personal vitality budget for the maintenance or improvement of their mental or physical health and personal development.